Readers, our prime minister is a bitch (and also a bogan)

Published: January 10, 2017 at 2:23am

And he’s a coward, too, who’s now running away from the journalists whose attention he courted so assiduously before 2013. Read the Prime Minister’s exchange with Pierre Portelli of The Malta Independent, who messaged him with an interview invitation, – and remind yourself that this is the Prime Minister.

That sarcastic piece of bitching – “Fuq fake news?” – is classic 1992 vintage Muscat, and is an insulting reference to the newspaper which made the interview request, though his interlocutor pretends not to notice.

Pierre Portelli’s reference below is to this.

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  1. peter sanga says:

    Wow. Wow. That’s all I can say. Our Prime Minister. Wow.

  2. E says:

    What kind of phone does he have that it doesn’t automatically capitalise the first letter of every sentence? All that money rolling in you’d think he’d be able to afford one from this decade.

    And even though it’s an SMS exchange, what kind of Prime Minister doesn’t even attempt to write in somewhat complete sentences, if only to return the same level of formality and respect shown to him?

  3. CarrieErbag says:

    Prime Minister Muscat’s sheer arrogance and rudeness knows no boundaries. Behaviour such as this, for a man holding high office such as he does, is disgusting and disgraceful.

    The sole duty his right-hand circus seal, Mr Bedingfield, is to jump through the hoops and balance the political balls held by his circus ring-master so as to misinform the electorate.

  4. Yes, it’s a good word, isn’t it.

  5. Ovvja li lanqas biss taf taqra u tifhem bl-Ingliz. Il-messagg muhiex minghandi.

    P.S. Ghandek allat veru sbieh u impressjonanti.

  6. malti says:

    He has nothing else to feed the populace.

  7. He’s probably busy looking it up.

  8. You know how narked everybody gets when anyone uses the word ‘hamalli’. So I went fishing in Australia, happy hunting ground of the Old World’s multifarious bogans, for an alternative.

  9. Antoine Vella says:

    Darren Livori is just a boy – can’t be more than 15-16 years old – and obviously brainwashed by his parents. I wouldn’t give him too much importance.

  10. Almost every social culture has a word to describe people like that. In Malta, it’s hamalli. In Australia, it’s bogans. Chavs are a little different.

  11. john says:

    The word hooligan is said to be derived from the Irish family name Houlihan, who were a particularly rowdy lot.

    Bogan is also a family name. Perhaps there was a particularly hamallu Bogan amongst the early Aussie ‘settlers’.

    Just musing.

  12. RosB says:

    Why do you keep on believing in surveys?! Look where UK & USA ended up for example.

    • E2 says:

      The problem is that the percentage of Muscat’s ‘popularity’ is not small enough to be covered by the margin of error, and technically speaking, America’s survey results were right, because Hillary Clinton DID win the popular vote. Bottom line, as things stand at the moment I don’t have much hope that the winds will change before the election.

  13. RosB says:

    Attent kif issemmi lil isem ta’ fuq. Mintoff kien u Joseph Muscat hu bniedem bhalna, allura ghandhom tmiem. Alla le.

  14. john says:

    It will take the deboganisation of Malta. An impossible task.

    • E2 says:

      Lol. An even more impossible task in this country is for people to understand (and admit) when a ‘bogan’ is a ‘bogan’.

  15. observer says:

    I have been following Pierre Portelli’s contributions since the start of his career as a journalist within the P.N. All I can say is that he researches his material and expresses his thoughts and assessments impeccably.

    On one occasion, speaking to him as friend to friend, I observed that on one occasion during his reading of the news he had mixed up the meaning of two similiarly sounding words which had very obviously different meaning. He humbly accepted my explanations without further ado – but with a civil ‘thank you’.

    As regards Muscat, I am not that familiar with his ‘journalistic’ iter – and don’t regret it at all, mind you. However, I remember particularly one instance when, with other journalists, he was interviewing Dr Fenech Adami on the national TV station and tried to bully the PM into discussing some complicated (at least for me) economics theory there and then.

    Dr Fenech Adami (who, doubtlessly, was more familiar with the subject than Muscat was) shoT him down with a sincere answer inviting him to discuss that subject publicly on TV whenever Muscat himself found it opportune, as he himself was ready and willing to do so.

    Muscat never again raised a single question on the subject, still less the subject itself, again.

    By the way, thanks for making me look into the meaning of ‘BOGAN’. I would say it suits Muscat even better than the Maltese ‘HAMALLU PASTAZ’ – and it can readily be understood by many foreign politicians who are interested in knowing Muscat’s character and style of handling the press.

  16. CarrieErbag says:

    It is repugnant of the Prime Minister to instruct his aide, Glenn Bedingfield, to publicly attempt to discredit a newspaper man who had the sheer audacity of doing his job and asking the Prime Minister for an interview.

  17. ex Laburist minn H'Attard says:

    Int xi hadd qallek li jien ser nastjeni?

    • RosB says:

      Ghax inti hawn fuq ktibt li m’ghandek fiducja fl-ebda partit, jew int xi wiehed minn dawk li titkellem skond kif jaqbillek bhal maggoranza tal-Maltin? Sakemm m’ghandekx f’mohhok li thassar il-vot!

  18. Sprockethole says:

    Brilliant – the sort of word that would be used by the inimitable Kenneth Williams in Rambling Syd Rumpo guise (double entendre of course).

  19. just me says:

    I doubt whether he knows what IQ means.

  20. Maria says:

    “Hamallis” is the word for port worker in Greek.

  21. Joe the Lion says:

    U dawk ic-capsit tal-PN mhux kapaci jaqbdu opportunita bhal dik biex huma jaghmlu replika tal-press conference tal-Labour biex din id-darba ihabbru z-zieda fil-fuel. Imaginazzjoni zero.

  22. observer says:

    X’ma jitlax il-Labour. This chap’s reference to Mintoff as a divinity has decades-long roots. “Mintoff is-salvatur ta’ Malta, l-alla ta’ Malta” was the popular mantra even in my boyhood, quite a few decades ago.

    I am surprised, however, that there are still amongst us some who, like this Darren upstart, carry on repeating that today without understanding its inanity.

    Muscat was led by his paternal grandmother, who took him to Mintoff’s mass meetings, into believing all the rubbish that Mintoff managed to push down the throats of the gullible – especially, I would say, his hatred for all those who do not agree with him or whom he viewed as his betters.

    He was imbued with an irrational and irresistible ambition to be Mintoff’s supreme disciple and imitator. Hence the ever worsening style and uncouth manners, the rudeness, pique and vengeance.

  23. Rosie says:

    I love you.

  24. Le pauvre homme says:

    Ghaziz ex, ghal min ghandu mohh ta’ pizella partikularment injoranta, tifhem li ser jara certi nies allat. Spjegajtlek jien minnflok.

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