Malta’s Prime Minister has shockingly low standards – and we do too, which is why he is there and allowed to do this

Published: January 10, 2017 at 5:25pm

Look at this briefing sheet being distributed for the EU presidency. Cyrus Engerer is right at the top, listed as the Maltese Prime Minister’s special envoy to the European Union and head of the Maltese government’s relations with the European Parliament, two posts created especially for him.

Only two years ago, Cyrus Engerer was convicted of crimes committed against his former lover, who had left him, and sentenced to two years in prison, suspended for two years.

The Appeals Court judge who confirmed the sentence had some pretty harsh words about the nature of his crimes, the criminal malice involved, and what appeared to be the attempts at blackmail, using further photographs contained on a pen-drive, by Engerer’s lawyer – who was Franco Debono, the government’s Commissioner for Law Reform.

Cyrus Engerer, seen here hugging the Prime Minister passionately.

“He’s right behind you”: Cyrus Engerer and Joseph Muscat

  • Ganni Muscat

    And two brand-new university graduates as policy officers! Experience and expertise must not be really important for the job.

  • “Ghax ahna ma nidhlux personali u ma naqblux ma’ min jaghmel hekk.”

    • Rosie

      The last photograph contradicts your statement.

  • Heck N. Penn R.

    Even for the briefing sheet a proof reader is urgently needed, or is Engerer’s position really “Prime Minsiter’s Special Envoy…”? Just wondering.

  • You forget Christian Mallia, who never did a day’s worth of work at Dar Malta, and is hardly ever sober.

  • Franco Debono

    Without entering the merits of the case and without making any reference to the particular case, in general –
    If some complainant claims his photos were stolen from a laptop and accused presents evidence in court to the effect that complainant has hundreds of nude photos scattered all over the internet accessible to millions of people around the globe that is NOT blackmail.
    A pendrive containing photos accessible to millions of people on the internet, and downloaded from the internet is NOT blackmail.

    • That wasn’t what the Appeals Court judge said.

      P.S. Cyrus Engerer got a much bigger reward from Joseph Muscat than you did. You’re such a chump.

    • You talk only in legal terms. We have had enough of your ridiculous logic. Where are your morals and ethics, or have you never had them? You would create a much better profile of you just shut up. Stay quiet and be happy with the reward the Prime Minister handed you for your services, not for your ability.

      • Who did you expect this nutter to learn his morals and ethics from – his barmaid/market hawker mother? And I mention her only because he made a point of parading her about on television instead of hiding her where nobody could see her.

    • Edgar Gatt

      With all your trying to screw the PN which you managed at times, a convicted criminal was awarded double your pay. Does show that after all Muscat gave you a raw deal.

  • Major Tom

    Kieku jista, jisparixxik Salv. Sadanittant, dak li se tgħid se jiġi mgħawweġ u se jintuża biex jagħti l-impressjoni ta’ oppożizzjoni mxaqqa’ flok unjoni soda. Għalhekk, mhux talli għandek tkompli ssemma’ leħnek imma tkun iktar dirett u ċar f’dak kollu li tgħid.

    Il-blokka silġ għandha tissejjaħ ‘kokaina droga’, u l-‘daħk fil-wiċċ’ għandu jissejjaħ ‘ħaxi’ biex b’hekk il-poplu jifhem u jqum mir-raqda.

  • Except that Engerer isn’t in the least bit handsome – just gay.

  • Edgar Gatt

    Ghax ahna partit tad-dojoq.

  • Been seeing any nice canaries lately?

    Proposed to Vanessa yet, or are you just going to keep stringing her along for another 20 years?

    Any new ceramic cocks in your vetrina at your mother’s house?

    • Stephen Forster

      Give Franco his due. Blind antipathy to his missives of legal genius doesn’t put him off.

  • Any nice new photographs with a frozen sea bream to show us?

  • Alice Elizabeth

    They must have hired the same proof reader that they used for their billboards.

  • P Bonnici

    Imma lilu nnifsu u lil-hbieb tal-hbieb ghandu x’joffri. Standards were pretty low under the PN, but under the PL they hit rock bottom low.

  • Stephen Forster

    Dr.Moreau more like

  • Not the same crime, but any crime at all. First-time offenders are routinely given suspended sentences. When somebody actually goes to prison, it’s generally because they have a criminal record already – like Olaf Cini who was in the news a couple of days ago.

  • savanarola

    Dan il-povru skoll tilef il-battalja mal-kankru li jismu: ‘hazen’. Tilef ruhu u ghaqlu wara l-ilpup imgewha li qed jiggvernaw.

    Fit-tradizjoni satanika ta’ Le Vey, irnexxielhom jeqilbu ta’ taht fuq il-principji tat-tajjeb u l-gust, li gew comonflushed mal-qerq u l-korruzjoni personali w istituzjonalizzata.

    Il-htija pero hi taghna llkol, mhux biss ghax blajna l-lixka tal-gideb qabel l-elezzjoni tal-2013, izda ghaliex issa li qed nassistu ghal din it-tragedja, bqajna ndifferenti, jekk mhux ukoll mixtrija biex nisktu.