Chamber of Architects president says he is “completely disgusted” by Robert Musumeci’s “false public allegations”

Published: January 10, 2017 at 7:18pm

Alex Torpiano is president of the Chamber of Architects and Civil Engineers, and Dean of the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Malta.

This is the background to his comments: Deborah Schembri is building a house next door to the Prime Minister and David Thake interviews Robert Musumeci.

Robert Musumeci, centre, with his girlfriend, Magistrate Consuelo Scerri Herrera, who has just been rejected by the Judicial Appointments Committee for the position of judge. On left, Omar Cucciardi, who was a Planning Authority inspector at the time this picture was taken.

  • may borg

    That’s exactly what we need. People should speak up. If we had more like Torpiano in every sector, our situation will improve.

    He answered well and to the point and on matters which concern him and his profession. Let others do the same.

    • anthony

      Torpiano could only speak up the way he did because he is not corrupt. If he were corrupt he would have been blackmailed and he would have kept his mouth shut like most others have to do. Unfortunately there are very few Torpianos around.

  • RosB

    Vera qed nghixu f’pajjiz ta’ marmalja nies.

  • What a sad state of affairs it has come to in just four years, when normal exchanges in abnormal situations are considered to be “brave”.