Police inspector found Chris Cardona in Sliema girlie-club while Labour campaigned for electoral victory

Published: January 31, 2017 at 11:06am

A police inspector contacted me this morning after he read my story about the Minister for the Economy having been in a German whorehouse last night.

He said that late in 2012 – this was when the Labour Party was campaigning for electoral victory and ripping the Nationalists to shreds about every last little thing – he was engaged with other police officers in carrying out “surprise inspections” on girlie-clubs in the Sliema and St Julian’s area.

One of the nudie-clubs they raided was the basement joint immediately adjacent to what used to be the Café Roma in Ghar il-Lembi Street, near Il-Pjazzetta on Sliema’s Tower Road.

“We went in and immediately saw Chris Cardona smoking with one of the nudie-dancers sitting next to him. I was overcome with embarrassment because I knew him, so I just turned my head away and left him smoking there,” the police inspector said.

Of such stuff is the course of history made: failure to act as well as action. Had Chris Cardona been booked for smoking in a lap-dancing club, and had it emerged back then that Labour’s star candidate had been caught in a nudie-dancing club during a police raid, things might have turned out a little differently. The Labour Party would still have been elected, but Cardona may not have been. And Malta would have had one problem fewer to deal with right now.

And of course, it’s a story in itself that Chris Cardona, caught smoking in a nudie club, didn’t get booked because he is Chris Cardona.

Chris Cardona with Mazzola Gafa, formerly of Valletta, at some point resident of Brazil, who is known to the police.