The best campaign billboard of all time

Published: January 6, 2017 at 11:04pm

No, this picture is not Photoshopped or touched up in any way. It is a straight grab from the Prime Minister’s New Year message video, in which he is wearing far too much women’s make-up and enjoying it – a far cry from the standard foundation and shine-reducing powder used for reluctant men under the glare of the camera lights.

Except that it isn’t a campaign billboard. H. P. Baxxter sent this in. 

  • Spa

    Jew: REDDAJTULKOM. Imma mbghad tigi twila wisq, specjalment jekk jithajru jaghmluha fuq xi cufflink.

  • Tabatha_White

    Now to translate it for the EU “subjects” looking in:

    “I screwed you (all).”

    Brilliant, Baxxter. So glad you’re back.

    • J. Jones

      As if the EU “subjects” care about Malta or the Maltese people. They’re all looking forward to spending a six-month holiday off Maltese taxpayers money.

      • Subjects? Holiday?

      • Tabatha_White

        If you take Joseph Muscat as an example, he is a journalist turned MEP turned Labour Party leader who has never truthfully been in favour of or upheld the ethics intended to bind the union forged.

        He has systematically been on the attack, first from the outside and then from within when his salary – and future pension – were secured by that same union. It didn’t take him long, as Prime Minister, to launch his passport scam on the rest of the Union member States. That there is no internal security check in the EU to prevent such business taking root at all, is a weakness.

        He used his time as MEP to prepare wording alignment and corrections to EU policy that would later enable his screwing of the EU Security and Financial Services policies when in power.

        It is such persons who destroy the EU, because the principle of the Union is the greater good for all citizens of and attached to member states, and that – when kept cleansed of foul agendas – is a noble objective.

      • callixtus

        Joseph Muscat has never been a Eurosceptic.

      • H.P. Baxxter

        Anti-European, not Eurosceptic.

  • Godfrey Leone Ganado

    The Nationalist Party should use hard-hitting slogans, messages and billboards. That’s the only way of driving the point home now.

  • Catsrbest

    You’re not just back, but back with a vengeance. That’s even better.

  • Muscat’s picture is NOT photoshopped. It’s a straight screen-grab from his New Year message video.

  • Can you imagine the Nationalist Party distributing dildos emblazoned with the legend ‘There are easier ways to get screwed than electing Joseph, Keith and Konrad to power again’? Ma tarax.

    But it would make an EXCELLENT billboard or advertisement if you could get it past the morality police.

  • may borg

    You don’t know how Chris Fearne operates. Haxxej iehor.

  • Macduff

    We can all safely assume this is based on true events. Sad.

  • Major Tom

    I would put the triad with a ‘Hxejniekom Kollha’. The perfect place for a ‘Reddajniehulkom’ would be the LNG tanker.

  • It’s actually exactly the same in English: that’s what ‘get stuffed’ means.

  • Michael Seychell

    I hope and pray that in the last year of this corrupt government, people will come to their senses, and that at the general election they will throw out Joe Muscat not only from government but also from the leadership of the Labour Party – for the good of their own party and Maltese politics.

  • H.P. Baxxter


  • H.P. Baxxter

    No. Eurosceptic is the Conservative Party, and Alternative für Deutschland, and me. Joseph Muscat rejects European civilisation, so he is anti-European.

  • H.P. Baxxter

    You don’t want a true picture of the population. You want a true picture of the votes that will be cast on polling day.

  • H.P. Baxxter

    You’re giving the game away to Bedingfield, both of you. You should be having this discussion in private.

  • Tabatha_White

    Thank you. I appreciate your reply.

    Are survey respondents still taken from an available telephone number base, and if so how would the overall percentage of unlisted subscribers affect this?

    How would those 500 be counted – would 500 be those that actually provide an answer or would they also include those who cut on realising that a reply is expected?

    If there are new citizen voters from the passport scheme, are these assumed to be voting Labour when the time comes that they are included? How are they being considered?

  • H.P. Baxxter

    In April 2016. Not now.

  • H.P. Baxxter

    If he behaves like another Franco Debono, what will it matter? The Nationalist Party will have been elected. You people are discussing safety guidelines for future vessels while the Titanic sinks beneath you.