The bright red Presidency pack

Published: January 11, 2017 at 2:50pm

The Maltese government has begun distributing ‘Presidency packs’ to politicians and staff. Malta’s MEPs were among this morning’s lucky recipients. The gift pack of bright red items includes vibrant ties for the men and neck-scarves for the women, all bearing the plagiarised Malta 2017 emblem.

Charity shops across Malta are on stand-by.

  • James Vella Clark

    At least they’re made in Italy not in some factory employing Chinese slave workers or by prison inmates ‘bħall-famużi purtieri’. Il-logo jibqa’ misruq pero.

    • Who do you think makes the ties in Italian sweatshops? Chinese slaves.

    • speedbird

      When I was in China I bought (and still wear) silk ties marked Yves Sant Loren, Versari, etc…. for less than €1. Do you think they were made in Italy, USA etc? Mind you they lasted for the last 16 years and still wearable.

  • Lupin

    These six months were planned to be a period of propaganda but they are already turning out to be a nightmare for Labour.

    Day 1 and we have the first runner, Konrad Mizzi. I wonder what all this would look like after 6 months under pressure from journalists from all over.

    • rita schembri

      Kurt Sansone in the Times of Malta’s report today:

      “The first consignment of gas for the new Delimara power station will be delivered today, Energy Minister Konrad Mizzi said.”

      So Konrad Mizzi has got his portfolio back?

  • callixtus

    The EU’s first Chinese presidency.

  • R. Azzopardi


  • Maria

    And the attaches have been instructed to wear the tie on a white shirt in order to look like human Maltese flags.

    • av

      And Mrs Muscat will know exactly what everyone is wearing so she can surprise them with one of her clutch bags.

      • tinnat

        Is it just me who hasn’t seen Mrs Muscat in a few weeks?

      • callixtus

        She’s been busy collecting her trousseau for the EU presidency.

  • Blackarrow

    Not a bad looking tie to be honest. At least they will be given the opportunity to remove their cheap polyester striped ties they bought from the Monti at 10/6d a dozen many years ago.

  • bernie

    And do I see ‘Made in Ita (ly)’ ?

  • H.P. Baxxter

    Silk ta’—-

    That’s silk mixed with a LOT of polyester.

  • no one

    Is that a Charles & Ron logo in the first picture? Were they involved in the production/design of these ‘gifts’?

  • Godfrey Leone Ganado

    The EU Presidency costs go higher by the day on useless spending. The Finance Minister would probably accuse the Nationalists that they did even worse. It does not matter for him what the spending is for.

    Will we ever see the light of the detailed accounts of this spending opportunity to fatten the pockets of their cronies?

  • Gorg

    A routine EU bureaucratic procedure is being hyped up into some kind of extra-special happening costing millions of euros, and concurrently rendered cheap by the distribution of tatty giveaways that have no meaning.

    Now, we need to be told: to whom was the direct order given? What was the value of the order? And, as with all things involving the Muscat government, what commission was paid out and to whom?

  • Protolangue
  • Betty

    It looks very Trumpesque to me. I look forward to seeing the Taghna Lkoll gang in uniform, sporting the Presidency ties and neck-scarves. Joseph Muscat will be wearing red from now to show his true colours instead of the usual electoral campaign blue ties.

    The Labour Party’s marketing has really become low and sickening.

  • Mike

    What’s that monogram on the neck-scarf? I first thought it looked like GR for Georgius Rex, i.e. a possible reference to the George cross? I’m wondering whether that would be too cultured for them or just the right amount of stupidity, considering GR doesn’t appear anywhere on the medal.

    • Charles and Ron, the designers. They’re actually very nice people.

      • Tabatha_White

        I’ll do a double-take there.

    • tinnat

      Well, yes, but I was referring to her appearance in her assumed role as First Lady.


    • Joseph V Savona

      I recently came across this appropriate descriptive word to add to bogan. Myrmidon – a follower, typically unscrupulous, of a powerful person who carries out orders unquestionably. Capital M because Myrmidons, in Greek mythology were a warlike people who accompanied Achilles to war.

  • Now, now. Please.

  • Parliament House.

    ‘Il-bini tal-parlament’ does not translate as ‘the parliament building’. It’s Parliament House.

  • tinnat

    Indeed Baxxter. Let’s call a spade a spade.

  • pronoia

    The scarf is reminiscent of an Air Malta hostess scarf – not ideal, given the current scenario.

  • pronoia

    The loft might include a laundering service.

  • YES.