Yes, it’s that bad

Published: January 11, 2017 at 2:39pm

  • Blackarrow

    GO !

  • tinnat


  • E

    If they don’t know what “stop” means then I doubt they are capable of reading the word “ieqaf”.

  • E

    “Meta nghid ieqaf ‘gifieri triq tieqaf mhux tibqa’ tghajjat” Fave Anglu quote.

  • Evarist Saliba

    I have driven cars all over Europe and Libya, and been driven in cars in many other countries. In no case did I see the need of a translation of the word STOP. Have we descended under this administration to the level that we need a translation?

    • Angus Black

      An octagonal sign painted red does not even have to have anything written on it. It is an international traffic sign and it means ‘STOP’ anywhere in the world.

  • Paul Gatt

    Please tell me this is a joke. Is there no one responsible for anything any more?

  • Ghar u Kasa

    That sign-post should be fixed opposite the Office of the Prime Minister.

  • Le pauvre homme

    Ain’t that the truth.