And you thought the Health Minister is normal and ‘one of us’

Published: January 8, 2017 at 5:18pm

Read this and wonder no more why he’s hitched his wagon to Muscat’s corruption. As though it’s not bad enough that he worshipped at Karmenu Mifsud Bonnici’s altar in the hideous early 1980s. What’s worse is that as Minister for Health, in 2017, he doesn’t regret what others would see as their youthful lack of insight and instead still thinks with enthusiasm and nostalgia that “those were the days”.

  • may borg

    Nixtieq naf fejn hbewhom is-sentimenti Laburisti li kellhom, hu l-familja tieghu, meta hadmu ma’ gvernijiet Nazzjonalisti.

    Le, le, kienu batuti u diskriminati taht in-Nazzjonalisti. Faccjoli kollha.

  • John Doe

    In 1984 Iwas in a coma in hospital, pumped with antcoagulants after a good and proper beating by your lot, Mr Health Minister. I believe in karma. May you and your scumballs have a long and miserable life.

  • Jozef

    Fearne yearns for a place where no association can exist outside a federation governing its influence.

    Where everyone is included and diversity cannot be other than qualified by biology and the irrational superlative. Socialists are the ultimate bureacrats, everything neatly filed and compartmentalised.

    Intellectual diversity, the real one, that dangerous notion that dare determine where the federation stops, is not for Chris Fearne. No space is possible outside the state as any fragment of human cannot be socialist.

    They have the EU in their grasp, they hegemonise, they ostracise and purge of identity. They must be exposed. Time to shift the balance away from this radical left posing as some liberal force.

  • J Sammut

    Saħħa li l-“h” ma jaqtgħaliex rasha, nistenna minn ministru tal-gvern ikun jaf jispelli “żgħażagħ”. Miskina Malta.

  • Pandora

    I was in primary school in the 1980s and still remember the fear and tension of those years as well as the “quality” of life of those times. Lately, I came across these episodes of Evidenza where I learnt more horrible details:

    What shocks me most is that a good number of people mentioned in these cases are in government (or work for the government) today. The younger generations have no idea but those who remember these times have no excuse.

  • c calafato

    He was already director when Ugo Mifsud Bonnici was Minister of Education.

  • speedbird

    You got your facts wrong. Frederick Fearne WAS permanent secretary BEFORE the 1987 election. Ask Dr Ugo Mifsud Bonnici of the obstacles made to him when he was appointed Education Minister in 1987. I lived through those years.

    • observer

      I’m afraid you are wrong, my dear speedbird. The post of permanent secretary, although provided for in the Constitution, was first introduced by the Nationalist government of 1992.

      Those appointed to the post were very senior civil servants – career officers, not people subsumed into the civil service from positions of trust – each with decades of efficient and capable service to their credit.

      I happened to know all of them – some for decades – and can vouch for the integrity and competence of each.

      Frederick Fearne was not one of them. The permanent secretary at the Education Ministry at that time was Alfred Fiorini Lowell. Mr Fearne was appointed later on.

  • U Le!

    1984 was the year my dad was locked out of his place of work because he did not want to renounce to his trade union rights.

  • Spa

    Hemm ghadha l-kilba.

  • Spa

    U ghamluh konsulent lil dan il-Ministru.