Leading businessman accuses Justice Minister of lying and using a falsely sworn statement

Published: January 8, 2017 at 5:10pm

If you’re using your phone, you’ll find it easier to read here: Press Release VG 080117

  • Odyssey

    By issuing these press releases, the PN, Nazzareno Vassallo and Jason Azzopardi, are just playing into the hand of the corrupt regime.

    The PN should remain focused on the government’s corruption and amateurism. The above issue is just a distraction.

    The less focused and targeted the opposition is, the less effective it is. At the moment, it seems like the opposition are chasing a thousand rabbits.

    • You are wrong. People who are falsely accused are actually OBLIGED to state the facts to the contrary.

    • J Sammut

      If one ignores a liar, his audience will believe his lies. If one challenges a liar, at least his audience will start to doubt what he says.

    • Gaetano Pace

      Allow me to say that the more the Movement gives us of these pantos the more we confirm that corruption of all sorts, (ideological, financial, ethical, moral, administrative etc ect) has taken hold of them at all levels.

      This is their way of keeping us, the people, focused on how corrupt they have become.

  • Yes, and incredibly, all the newspapers missed the news angle and instead ran with the headline that Zaren Vassallo denies the accusations against him.

    He did not ‘deny the accusations’. He called the Justice Minister a liar in possession of a false and perjured affidavit, which is completely different.

    The news is one of Malta’s biggest business operators calling the Justice Minister a liar, not his ‘denial of the accusations’. I despair at times.

    • anthony

      You must be a very patient person. I despair ALL the time.

  • Paul bajada

    Those who betray their wife and children have no problem betraying anyone else.

  • Gejtu Bongailas

    Jistghu jigdbu fuq Zaren Vassallo imma l-papa ta’ Michelle fid-Dar ta’ l-Anzjani tieghu ghazlet li tpoggieh.