The government’s big EU moment today has been totally eclipsed by #Brothelgate

Published: February 3, 2017 at 6:59pm

Is anybody watching the big line-up of EU heads of government today, with all those ceremonies in Valletta? No. Right now, everyone is glued to Net TV waiting for whatever it is that Mario Frendo got at that brothel, browsing the Net News Facebook page for videos and scrolling through this site in the hope of more qaħbarijiet.

First we had a Minister Without Portfolio and now we have a Minister Without Pants. They’re sabotaging their own cabinet and bombing their own big moments.

It’s unbelievable how bad things are.

The Economy Minister is about to discover that people would have tolerated – but only just – his brothel jaunts, given that a couple of his colleagues have done far worse in Panama and stayed. But they are not going to forgive him for lying so brazenly about it. People do not, ever, forgive those who lie straight to their faces because it’s a grave insult.

What it says is: I think so little of you that I will tell you whatever I wish to tell you and expect you to believe it.