The Labour Party identifies with the American Democrats. But it’s Trump who shares their values.

Published: February 16, 2017 at 12:25am

  • Edward

    How on Earth can anything think that the Labour Party in Malta is similar to the Democratic Party in the US? You would have to be a special kind of deluded.

  • Mr. Tibbs

    Religious zealots and extremists brainwash men, women and children to become human weapons of destruction.

    The free and democratic world, votes them into power and gives them free rein to run amok.

  • Dizzy

    Trump’s “mannara” speech.

  • Mariella Darmanin

    Not to mention the use of Gmail accounts.

  • Ganni Muscat

    It’s strange how in Malta everyone identifies with the Democratic Party, except for some old Maltese men who used to live in the US.

  • Angus Black

    Netanyahu seems to have put Trump in his place.
    Trump: We would like you to stop building on Palestinian soil’
    Netanyahu: ‘Our policy remains unchanged’.
    Rightly or wrongly, Netanyahu stood his ground and was not about to be bullied by Trump.

  • The New York Times and CNN most certainly do NOT publish fake news. The New York Times has around 120 Pulitzers to its name.

  • missawt

    Like Saudi money going into Clinton’s Foundation.

  • Flanker

    Or sex scandals, Monroe, Lewinsky are just two that come to mind but there are others.

  • Angus Black

    If you follow American news, you may notice that one by one ‘fake news’ from whichever source, are being confirmed as ‘real news’.

    Quite often it doesn’t take a Pulitzer winner to uncover ‘real news’ which after scrutiny by crooked politicians is dubbed as ‘fake news’.

  • I’ve noticed that men who parade their randiness, and who collected women purely for aesthetic reasons, rarely are entirely straight.

    It’s gay men who are most fixated on what women look like.

  • La Redoute

    Crossed lines. No one mentioned Palestinians. Netanyahu doesn’t recognise Palestinian territory. To him, the Occupied Territories are not occupied because they belong to Israel.