Opposition leader rips up ‘blacked-out’ Electrogas contracts in parliament today

Published: February 16, 2017 at 4:53pm

  • Melissa

    U sewwa ghamel.

  • Makjavel

    Il-Prim Ministru, meta iffirma l-kuntratt tax-xiri tad-dar tieghu, kellu l-figuri kolla mizbughin suwed qabel ma iffirma? Lill-bank turih id-dhul bin-numri misbughin suwed? B’min trid titmejjel? B’xi Eddy Privitera forsi.

  • strakarpet

    This government is an administration of shameless in your face piss-takers.

  • anna vassallo

    Well done!

  • Flanker


  • Flanker

    Evil loves the dark, lurks in the shadows where its minions can obfuscate truth and foster dishonesty. Good and everything that ensues from good loves light, clarity and honesty and must be transparent to let light through to shine on the darkness where the denizens of evil thrive and cast them out.

  • anthony

    Gvern ta’ gideb, qerq, serq u, kif jghid sew Baxxter, haxi. Ir-return tat-taxxa din is-sena ser nibaghta mizbugha bl-iswed. Wara nara x’jigri.

  • The Sting

    Sometimes I wonder whether they could have tampered with the report on the power station as presented to the EU.