Labour Party official William Lewis also given direct order for Mediterranean Conference Centre works

Published: February 28, 2017 at 8:52pm

There was no tender for these works. They went straight to William Lewis, the Labour Party’s organisational secretary, who is also an architect of indifferent ability.

Odette Lewis, his wife, has just been appointed to the newly constituted Lands Authority, and between them, these two are creaming off umpteen government contracts by direct order.

Odette Lewis, appointed to the new Lands Authority board

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  1. callixtus says:

    Is he related to EdZL by any chance?

  2. Claude Sciberras says:

    Ahleb, Guz!

  3. av says:

    Don’t other architects bother that they never stand a chance to obtain such opportunities?

    • R. Balzan says:

      To set the record the straight I have known Mrs Odette Lewis when we worked professionally together for a private company in architectural works. She is a fully qualified diligent Architect with a PhD in her field and a University Lecturer; nonetheless a career woman. Her credentials prove higher than the other run of mill interested in such a high rank post. Well Done on her achievement and new post.

      • You should now get a lollipop for that.

        The point here is that she doesn’t get direct orders from the government and her position on the Lands Authority board because of her architectural credentials, but because she is married to William Lewis, a Labour Party official and top Muscat lackey.

      • H.P. Baxxter says:

        I also know Mrs Odette Lewis, and I can vouch for the fact that the rest of us are just run of the mill candidates.

      • R. Balzan says:

        On my final thought, indeed she is married to William Lewis but her portfolio is far larger than just a marriage certificate and political connections. Her career history has always been directly involved in the roads and land architecture wherever she worked, both privately and within state authorities, before any political gain. In my opinion, Mrs Lewis’ accomplishments are a far greater asset for the department than a target for criticism. But opinions are subjective and everyone has a right to any form of freedom of speech.

      • Let her compete with other architects in that case.

      • callixtus says:

        She shouldn`t even be allowed to compete as long as her husband remains an official of the ruling party.

      • av says:

        You know her and can vouch for her, but that does not mean that all the other architects, many of whom are better than she is, don’t even get a look in.

        If anything, Ms Lewis should refrain from accepting appointments unless it’s a fair contest, so as not to create the impression – which is correct – that she receives preferential treatment because her husband is a Labour Party official.

  4. pronoia says:

    We still need to understand who is going to get the catering concession on the roof.

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