Taghna Lkoll Muscat crony and Labour TV show-host Karl Stagno Navarra owes his landlords €20,400 in unpaid rent

Published: February 1, 2017 at 12:05am

The current issue of the Government Gazette carries the following court-mandated notice. Karl Stagno Navarra, the Muscat crony who was put on the state payroll post-2013 at Malta Enterprise, and who now hosts a daily evening show on the Labour Party’s television station discussing “news and current affairs”, hasn’t paid rent on the St Julian’s flat he lives in for so long that he now owes his landlords – Charles Darmanin, Louise Busuttil and Lawrence Said Dudley Ward – €20,400. They are moving for his eviction and to secure the money he owes them. Under Maltese law, landlords can’t simply walk in, throw your stuff on the pavement and change the lock if you don’t pay the rent, even if you don’t pay it for years. They have got to file a civil suit for eviction, which will take ages.

Karl Stagno Navarra with Malta’s Commissioner for Law Reform on the Labour Party TV set

Karl Stagno Navarra seated with Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando at a Labour Party rally in support of MIchael Falzon, who was forced to resign when the Marco Gaffarena scandal broke.