Silvio Debono/Lou Bondi: more unanswered questions

Published: March 11, 2017 at 5:10pm

Yesterday I messaged Lou Bondi, public relations and communications adviser to Silvio Debono, about his client’s links to a Cypriot cigarette-smuggler. I did not receive a proper reply. So I messaged again asking for one, and received no reply at all.

Today, I messaged Debono’s PR man with a further two questions on this subject, both very specific, and allowed some hours to go by to give him time to contact his client and respond. There has been no reply whatsoever, not even the statutory reply that a PR man for an organisation which values its reputation is in duty bound to give, which is that the questions have been received and a reply will be given after he has spoken to those he should.

The questions I asked Lou Bondi earlier today are below.

What is the nature of your client Silvio Debono’s current relationship with the Cypriot Christoforos Tornaritis, who has been implicated in investigations into cigarette-smuggling in the Mediterranean and eastern Europe?

In September 2015, your client Silvio Debono’s son, David, and three of his friends accepted the hospitality of Cypriot cigarette-smuggler Christoforos Tornaritis at a resort he owns in Cyprus. What is the nature of your client’s relationship with Tornaritis in the present?

Christoforos Tornaritis