All our politicians need to read this, on both sides of the House

Published: March 10, 2017 at 12:15pm

This morning I messaged Silvio Debono’s public relations and communications aide, Lou Bondi, as under.

Good morning. In 2008/2009, your client Silvio Debono gave Christoforos Tornaritis, a Cypriot who made cigarettes in Cyprus under the Raquel brand, almost a quarter of a million euros in cash and bank drafts for the purchase of a number of container-loads of cigarettes.

For this purpose, he travelled to Cyprus with a certain Jack Farrugia, whose home was searched by the police during a smuggling investigation in 2000.

Tornaritis appears to have taken the money but did not give the cigarettes in return, and your client made several trips to Cyprus to regain his cash or get the cigarettes. My question is this: what was your client planning to do with the cigarettes, and what is the extent and nature of his involvement in this trade?

Twenty minutes later, he messaged back:

Once again, you got it wrong. Verbatim, please.

That was a hopelessly inadequate reply if ever I saw one, so I messaged back again.

You’ll have to be a lot more specific than that because the facts are indisputable and my question is about the motivation.

He hasn’t messaged back yet, but I’ll keep you posted. They’re probably having a confab to work out how I know and what exactly I know, before talking to their lawyers.

Silvio Debono with his new car

Christoforos Tornaritis

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  1. Rosie says:

    Tornaritis 1 – 0 Debono

    Il-kapell ta Tornaritis gieh lis -Sur Debono.

  2. That’s exactly what I told him: that I think his eldest sister is the pits, but that I have one thing to say for her – that at least she made a choice. She chose not to go into politics and left herself free to work for Malta’s worst criminals. She didn’t try to do both like their father did.

  3. callixtus says:

    Deborah Schembri had told us that everyone moving in this government`s circles had one, didn`t she?

  4. Well, yes, and it’s been going on for years. There was a major investigation on which the British and Maltese police cooperated, in 2000. Back then they were smuggling cigarettes for the IRA, which used the profits to pay for weapons that were then smuggled along the same routes as the cigarettes. Malta was the epicentre of the whole thing.

  5. Oh dear God, why do I even bother.

  6. I would have loved to hear what Silvio Debono said when Lou translated my message for him. But then I suspect he didn’t even take it to Debono, but to Arthur Gauci.

  7. Because they can’t. I haven’t got it wrong.

  8. John says:

    Demarco’s head must roll

  9. Franġiska says:

    Jerga’ jmur il-Kanada minfejn gie.

  10. Reuben D. Spiteri says:

    Bondi’s tendency to repeat himself ad nauseam reminds me of how Franco Debono usually replies.

  11. lest we forget says:

    “Since 2009, Mila Georgieva works with two Cypriot nationals Christoforos Tornaritis and Zacharias Zapitis, who are owners of the factory. Their names are often found in the media in connection with investigations into smuggling.”

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