Then a few days after being elected to office, they secretly set up companies in Panama and trusts in New Zealand

Published: March 16, 2017 at 1:16pm

Listen to Joseph Muscat, talking about good governance (without the slightest sign of conviction, it has to be said) before the general election. Then a few days after being elected to office, they had Brian Tonna secretly start the process to set up companies in Panama and trusts in New Zealand, only to have their cover blown three years later when somebody got into Mossack Fonseca’s Panama server and gave the results to a German national newspaper, which in turn called in the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists.

Otherwise, we would never have known what these crooks were up to – and still we don’t know exactly what it is they’re doing. But they certainly didn’t set up their Panama companies and New Zealand trusts for fun as soon as they got into power.

I think it’s time to point out something that should have been obvious, but which is never mentioned. There is no way their colleagues in the cabinet could have known what they were up to, so they let them down badly too. The fact that they have continued to defend them and to sit with them in the cabinet is their choice, made for reasons of their own. But it can’t have been pretty when they found out in the same way the rest of us did.

  • Godfrey Leone Ganado

    Complicity starts the moment you switch on the ignorance switch.

  • AlfietheGreat

    Their audacity and entitlement knows no boundaries.

  • Sparky

    That their colleagues haven’t uttered a word against the many scandals linked directly to the Office of the Prime Minister or even worse defended such actions using statements such as “mela mhux kulhadd hekk jaghmel” is symptomatic of a wider problem ingrained in our (a)moral standards. It’s the “laqwa li tidhol il paga” syndrome. Those who remain silent or who defend such actions have a vested interest.

    This is a another reason why it will be hard for the Nationalist Party to win enough votes to put an end to this blatant abuse of power. Many, especially those in their twenties feel that as long as their financial situation is sound a change in Government is not required irrespective of the lack of good governance, lack of meritocracy, lack of transparency all of which should have been reasons to oust the previous party in Government in the first place. The irony of it all.

    Give these people a good salary, their Facebook account, their movie and sports TV subscription and let them enjoy the village Festa and show off their tattoos. This is the sorry situation we’re in. Alienation.

  • Rifless

    The rest of the cabinet is as guilty; sin of omission (to stand up).

  • callixtus

    I find it hard to believe that a wily old fox like Edward Scicluna was so obtuse as not to realise what his colleagues were doing under his nose. Sometimes I wonder whether there’s more to the triad than meets the eye.

  • Brigid Garroni

    Every time the Labour Party is in government, it tarnishes the name of all the Maltese. What an embarrassment they are. How could they, and particularly Joseph Muscat, strut and puff out his chest as Prime Minister of the member state currently holding the rotating presidency of the EU? He should hide his face in abject shame for every one of his actions since the fools and the blind voted him into government.