While the government spends millions on salaries and perks for its cronies

Published: March 16, 2017 at 1:15pm

This is utterly disgraceful: the invisible homeless, the downtrodden who sleep outdoors while a cabinet minister’s wife is paid €13,000 a month to go back home to China, and the public purse is raided by cronies and henchmen.

Muscat and Konrad give Silvio Debono a big chunk of public land to build luxury flats for the rich and for those who might have money to launder – sorry, “invest” – while Joe Attard gets to sleep on a parapet in winter, go without proper food, and miss his diabetes injections. For shame.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister spends around €15,000 all told on six days in Dubai, while the least among those he governs go cold and hungry.