UPDATED/I wouldn’t bother with the libel suits, Lou and Hardrock Silvio: think cigarettes and Cyprus

Published: March 9, 2017 at 5:12pm

UPDATE: the photo captions

I am informed that my former friend Lou Bondi and his corrupt client Silvio Debono, who is busy causing maximum damage to the Hardrock brand with his behaviour, choices and attitude, are plotting libel suits against me. No doubt they are even weighing the pros and cons of fitting in some more precautionary warrants before their government friends get the Media and Defamation bill through.

What can I say? I wouldn’t bother if I were them. Right now I’m working on a story about Silvio Debono’s links to one shady cigarette man in Cyprus, a few containers of cigarettes that were not where they were supposed to be, and cash and bank drafts that moved between Malta and Cyprus around 2008/2009.

It’s no surprise that he’s routinely in the company of Jack Farrugia and Ivan Portelli.

Message to Lou: you don’t know exactly what kind of outfit you’re working for.

Right, top to bottom: Silvio ‘Hardrock’ Debono, Vince Micallef (lawyer, Labour Party activist, company secretary to Debono’s outfit, also appointed by Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando as secretary to the board at the Malta Council for Science and Technology), Ivan Portelli (sacked from the police force for criminal association, appointed director of operations at the VAT Department by the incoming Labour government)
Left, top to bottom: ex Soho gangster Jack Farrugia (when he was a police inspector, Ivan Portelli raided his home, lifted documents, then went out on his yacht with him a day later), Louis Gauci, Michael Gatt (tas-San Pawl Hotel)

Silvio Debono with the Maserati car he travelled abroad to buy two weeks ago in the company of Ivan Portelli, director/admin for income tax, VAT and customs departments

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  1. On the right, top to bottom: Silvio Debono, Vince Micallef, Ivan Portelli, who is director/administration/Income Tax/VAT/Customs and was director of operations at the VAT Department.

    On the left, top to bottom: ex Soho man Jack Farrugia, Louis Gauci, Michael Gatt (San Pawl Hotel).

  2. Criminal networks use building development to launder the proceeds of crime. People in Malta are naive about how money is made and never ask the chicken/egg question: does the money come from the legitimate business, or is the legitimate business possible because the money is there already from another, illegitimate, operation?

    • Spock says:

      Daphne , I’m totally speechless and in awe .
      There has never been a person like you in this country – let alone a woman. Thank you.

  3. Shameelna says:

    Jigifieri int qed tpoggi bniedem li seraq laringa fl-istess keffa ma bniedem li qatel persuna?

  4. Giovann DeMartino says:

    Ghandi stonku jien anki l-hadid idewweb. Imma annimali bhal dawn ihawduhuli wahda nobis. L-ipokriti jien ma nistax ghalihom.

  5. Just ice says:

    Keep it coming, Daphne.

  6. JOSEPH C GALEA says:

    Insejt tnehhi l-‘ex’ minn ismek mohbi. Jekk trid tkun kredibbli gib ismek propju.

    • ex Laburist minn H'Attard says:

      Kemm ma tafnix. Kemm sejjer zball. Kemm jien rrabjat ghal dan il-gvern korrott. Dik id-differenza bejn gahan bhalek li minghalih xi gharef ghax jivvota PN u xi hadd bhali li jpoggi l-principji u l-valuri qabel kollox.

  7. La Redoute says:

    Who’s going to be the ultimate owner of all those high rise, mega-expensive flats in Paceville? Luxury housing and shell companies are ideal vehicles for international money laundering:


    • Mimmi says:

      I wonder though what the opposition will do about all this vomit when they are in power. It’s going to be hard & very costly.

  8. Guzu Gatt says:

    Silence is golden, money screams
    indawwru lira, not only in dreams

    Lou Bondi 2013

  9. Miriam Zammit says:

    Ghandek ragun. Imma ftakar li meta ser tivvota trid taghzel bejn il-partiti u izjed minn qatt qabel ghall-politici onesti. Min mhux onest lanqas l-ahhar fil-lista ma haqqu.

    • Francis X Darmanin says:

      “trid taghzel bejn il-partiti”. Nahseb jekk xi partit irid jaghti impressjoni li huwa partit onest jrid jkun hu – il-partit- li jaghzel biss kandidati onesti u ta’ principju, u mhux opportunisti.

      Kif tista tippretendi li Cikku il-poplu fil-gurnata ta’ l-elezzjoni jiddeciedi hu min hu onest u le, jekk l-anqas min imexxxi il-partit ma jkun jaf x’tip ta’ nies ghandu bhala kandidati jirrapprezentaw il-partit tieghu?

      • H.P. Baxxter says:

        Kif ghedt lil David Thake. U sejjah lilna biex naghzlu l-kandidati PN korrotti mill-kandidati PN onesti l-gurnata tal-elezzjoni. Le skuzi, l-ghazla ghandha ssir mill-partit ISSA, sena qabel l-elezzjoni.

  10. Spock says:

    As Daphne said, he probably doesn’t know exactly what outfit he’s working for. I’d get out before it’s too late if I were him.

  11. Andrew Mizzi says:

    Kemm hu cheap tal- Ingriterra gabha, ma felahx johrogha gdida. Nirrah mikula tilja sadid.

  12. Tony Pace says:

    I wouldn’t buy a used car from this character.

  13. How bad can I be? says:

    Gvern li jahxi imbasta dahhal l-etika fl-iskejjel!

    • Makjavel says:

      CHAPTER 1: Min Hexa Mexa: It-Triq Tas-Success

      CHAPTER 2: Kif Tahbi Flus Min-Negozju: It-Triq Tal-Panama Spjegata

      CHAPTER 3: Kif Tiekol B’Zewgt Ihluq: Laghqizmu Spjegat B’Mod Semplici

      CHAPTER 4: Kif Tista Taghmel Li Trid: Issib Pulizija Laburist Milli-Lista Tal-Hbieb tal-Hbieb

      CHAPTER 5: Il-Metodu Tal-Mazza Spjegat: Kif Tifqa Lil Min Jikxef Il-Haxi

      CHAPTER 6: Kif Titqahhab u Tisker Minn Fuq Dahar In-Nies Minghajr Ma Tinqabad

      CHAPTER 7: Gheluq Tal-Kors: Kif Tahxi Lil Siehbek u Jaghmluk Suldat Ta l-Azzar

  14. Ramon Garcia says:

    This what this country has become. A crumbling building site ruled by corrupt politicians who are funded by gangs of criminals. If we don’t sweep them all into the sea this coming elections, Malta is finished. It’s that bad.

  15. Tabatha_White says:

    How on earth could Mario Demarco represent this person and then waltz into Parliament and the Opposition and keep a straight face?

    Oh. That’s right, he couldn’t.

  16. Ramon Garcia says:

    This what this country has become. A crumbling building site ruled by corrupt politicians who are funded by gangs of criminals. If we don’t sweep them all into the sea this coming elections, we’re doomed.

  17. Rumplestiltskin says:

    As I said elsewhere, anyone who has cash for investment and was considering this bond should instead consider loaning it to the PN at 4%.

  18. Francis X Darmanin says:

    You must have been extremely biased. From the very first time I saw Bondi – and his methods – I always held the opinion, shared with many others, that Bondi’s real place is in a skip – because that’s where trash belongs.

    All that’s happened is that he’s carried his sliminess over to the other side. Nothing else has changed. (Except that those who expected to see him dumped in a skip were bitterly disappointed).

  19. Ramon Garcia says:

    This what this country has become. A crumbling building site ruled by corrupt politicians who are funded by gangs of criminals.

    If we don’t sweep them all into the sea this coming election it will be the end of us.

  20. Rover says:

    None so vile as a former friend turned bad.

  21. Natalia Menshova says:

    Does above article mean that anyone in the above picture of 6 lovely faces is complicit in the Maltese mafia clan? Yes. Sure of that.

  22. People want the Nationalist Party to be perfect because Maltese people are naturally inclined to Labour (hdura, haxi u injoranza kbira) and so insist on perfection so that they can say to themselves and to everyone else who will listen that that’s the reason they don’t vote Nationalist – because they’re not perfect.

    The thing you need to understand is that people in Malta LIKE the Labour Party – for much the same reasons that Maltese people generally tend to have such lousy taste in everything else. It all comes out of the same cupboard.

  23. La Redoute says:

    The money launderers don’t usually live in their skyscraper money holes.

  24. Untouchable by that mob? Ask the smuggler Raymond Agius who was shot at the Butterfly Bar in Birkirkara (you can’t, he’s dead), or Josef Cassar, the ‘haulier’ who had his legs blown off by a car bomb last summer.

    They’re killing those who work for them, but they’re not killing each other.

  25. Except that he is most definitely not a bogan, which makes it all the more astonishing that he prefers their company.

  26. Roberto Rizzo says:

    Semmili xi hadd hlief Alla li kapaci ma jaghmilx nofs zball? Din hija tattika apposta biex it-tajn li l-labour iwaddab fuq in-Nazzjonalisti b’xi mod jehel ftit minnu. Ingann, haxi, gideb u sfruttament kontinwu se thalltu ma’ nofs zball? Min jirraguna hekk ghandu problema kbira ta’ zbilanc.

  27. I actually agree with ex Laburist. It is extremely frustrating that Maltese people expect the Nationalists to be perfect because they prefer voting Labour, but it is a fact of life and has to be dealt with. You can’t ‘re-educate’ people who have had their minds and attitudes formed over several generations.

  28. Dizzy says:

    Malta is Chicago of the 1920s, the mayor and city hall, police and even some judges and magistrates are all in on it. Only difference is they had Edgar Hoover and the FBI. We have Lorry Cutajar.

  29. WhoamI? says:

    In reference to the photo caption: Gangsta Jack owned the San Pawl Hotel too, one way or another.

  30. Doris Psaila says:

    Anzi dan ma marx japplika f’xi zona li hija art pubblika bhaz-Zonqor. Applika fi hwejgu.

  31. Doris Psaila says:

    Bilkemm ma tithajjarx tghid li m’hawn xejn korruzzjoni fil-gvern tal-llum, hux? U dawk li marru mal-Labour ma marrux minhabba l-korruzzjoni fil-PN imma ghax ma lahqux l-gheneb u qalu li kien qares jekk trid tifhimni. Illum kuntenti imma nispera li jiehdu dak li haqqhom.

  32. Mimmi says:

    I call those fancy cars (with old, ugly, usually fat and maybe rich guys), penis extensions. Jaqq.

  33. H.P. Baxxter says:

    Do you mean Demarco again? And the Strickland Foundation?

  34. Julian John Ebejer says:

    What a spineless, money-grabbing lowlife Lou Bondi has become. Never liked the man.

  35. Very painful memories – my mother’s only brother was one of the two men who drowned.

  36. H.P. Baxxter says:

    Tiftahlix kotba.

  37. Spock says:

    You’ve totally misunderstood what I meant.

  38. H.P. Baxxter says:

    Mhemmx bzonn kampanji mill-Labour biex jithammeg il-PN. Qed jithammeg wahdu. Jew forsi Mario Demarco agent tal-Labour?

  39. gahan iehor says:

    Uhud hadu hafna aktar minn laringa. Ghalhekk il-PN ha tkaxkira kbira. U tisraq laringa jew 1,000, it-tnejn serq, ma jaghmilx differenza.

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