UPDATED/I wouldn’t bother with the libel suits, Lou and Hardrock Silvio: think cigarettes and Cyprus

Published: March 9, 2017 at 5:12pm

UPDATE: the photo captions

I am informed that my former friend Lou Bondi and his corrupt client Silvio Debono, who is busy causing maximum damage to the Hardrock brand with his behaviour, choices and attitude, are plotting libel suits against me. No doubt they are even weighing the pros and cons of fitting in some more precautionary warrants before their government friends get the Media and Defamation bill through.

What can I say? I wouldn’t bother if I were them. Right now I’m working on a story about Silvio Debono’s links to one shady cigarette man in Cyprus, a few containers of cigarettes that were not where they were supposed to be, and cash and bank drafts that moved between Malta and Cyprus around 2008/2009.

It’s no surprise that he’s routinely in the company of Jack Farrugia and Ivan Portelli.

Message to Lou: you don’t know exactly what kind of outfit you’re working for.

Right, top to bottom: Silvio ‘Hardrock’ Debono, Vince Micallef (lawyer, Labour Party activist, company secretary to Debono’s outfit, also appointed by Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando as secretary to the board at the Malta Council for Science and Technology), Ivan Portelli (sacked from the police force for criminal association, appointed director of operations at the VAT Department by the incoming Labour government)
Left, top to bottom: ex Soho gangster Jack Farrugia (when he was a police inspector, Ivan Portelli raided his home, lifted documents, then went out on his yacht with him a day later), Louis Gauci, Michael Gatt (tas-San Pawl Hotel)

Silvio Debono with the Maserati car he travelled abroad to buy two weeks ago in the company of Ivan Portelli, director/admin for income tax, VAT and customs departments