BREAKING/Pilatus Bank whistleblower testifies before inquiring magistrate

Published: April 28, 2017 at 6:32pm

The former employee of Pilatus Bank who has been the source of most of this website’s reports about the activities of that bank and its clients, including the documents related to Egrant Inc and Michelle Muscat, has volunteered herself for testimony before the inquiring magistrate.

She was not asked to do so, not by myself and not by the inquiring magistrate, who was unaware of her identity as I had not disclosed it during my testimony yesterday.

She has been reading everything that has been written about the escalating scandal, and all the to-and-fro debates, denials and threats of libel by those involved.

This morning I received a message from her saying that she was in Valletta, and that she had gone to court and asked to be allowed to testify, but was told by clerks – who did not realise the significance of the person – that she would have to file a formal application. She did not wish to do this.

I sent a message to the inquiring magistrate’s clerk, who rang back within minutes to give her an appointment for 3pm. She spent three hours with the inquiring magistrate, and left court shortly after 6pm.

I am reporting this fact with her permission.

The proceedings of the inquiry are held behind closed doors, and those who testify are bound over not to discuss them.