Muscat’s reaction to whistleblower testimony news: “People will laugh at you.”

Published: April 28, 2017 at 9:19pm

As Mario Frendo pointed out on Net News, this is exactly how the Prime Minister reacted when asked how much his master-controller, Keith Schembri, knew about Konrad Mizzi’s Panama company. Back then we didn’t know yet that Schembri had one too.

This standard response of his – people are going to laugh at you/you’re going to make fools of yourselves – is so revealing. Who says that in adulthood and when they’re the Prime Minister? It’s quite obvious that it points to his own deepest fear: that of being laughed at and made a fool of. Anybody else would have simply said: you’re going to be proved wrong.

Psychologically stable adults do not link being proved wrong with being laughed at.