Calling all florists: there’s a government tender for 96 carnations

Published: April 14, 2017 at 6:50pm

The government which gave a direct order for €1.04 million to a 31-year-old crony , and which has given countless contracts for supplies and services by direct order to its ‘special people’, has now issued a call for tenders offers for – wait for it – 96 carnations.

The government will buy these 96 carnations for use at Karin Grech Hospital, but that hospital is now under the management of that fishy outfit, Vitals ‘Global Healthcare’ – as the call for tenders says itself. So why is the government buying Ram Tumuluri’s carnations?

Going by the date, they’re going to hand them out to the women patients for Mothers’ Day.

This extended farce is now writing itself.

The government has issued a call for tenders to purchase 96 of these for Ram Tumuluri’s outfit