CASTILLE KICKBACKS SCANDAL: Notice that at no point does Schembri say “I didn’t do it”

Published: April 25, 2017 at 1:10pm

The Prime Minister’s chief of staff woke up this morning to write a response to my post last night about how he takes kickbacks on the sale of Maltese citizenship from Brian Tonna, who – because really, what is this country? – is registered with Identity Malta to sell it.

You will notice that at no point does he tackle the facts in my post. He doesn’t even mention them. Instead he plays the usual victim card, tells us how serene he is, that he’s working for the good of Malta, that I am lying about him, and that he will sue for libel to “stop” me writing about him some more.

I’m not lying about him at all. The police have a report on the corrupt kickbacks that passed between Tonna and the Prime Minister’s chief of staff, and they failed to arrest and interrogate them, and then to prosecute them, because of who they are.

What did the Prime Minister say yesterday? That we are all equal before the law, or words to that effect: the usual fatuous, deceitful hypocrisy. No, we are not equal before the law. Keith Schembri, Konrad Mizzi, Brian Tonna and Joseph Muscat – the Castille Criminal Gang – are immune from prosecution.

The Prime Minister’s chief of staff is serene, is he? Just like the Prime Minister’s wife, then. They’re all so serene. Schembri is so serene that he decorated his Facebook post with a picture of himself laughing smugly at us.

The facts of the kickbacks scandal will break later today. The only thing that will maintain the Castille Criminal Gang’s serenity then is a lorry-load of Librium.