Freedom-fighting “independent” “journalist” breaks lance for Iranian multi-millionaire with St Kitts passport and for Prime Minister’s chief of staff

Published: April 29, 2017 at 12:01am

I am informed that Saviour Balzan, who owns 50% of Malta Today but acts like he owns it all, was straight out on Facebook trying to attack the credibility of and behave threateningly towards the Pilatus Bank whistleblower – and this when nobody knows who she is except, tellingly, he and Glenn Bedingfield, the common factor being the Prime Minister’s chief of staff.

He was immediately submerged under a deluge of comments asking him whether Keith Schembri had rung him with instructions, and whether Keith will be ringing him again at 1am tonight.

Balzan soon took down his post and the string of mocking comments with it.

Is the man nuts? What sort of “journalist” picks up the cause of a multi-millionaire Iranian with a passport from St Kitts & Nevis and a bank licence he shouldn’t have, and of the Prime Minister’s controller/chief of staff, against a solitary employee who has the backbone to reveal a fraction of what has been going on at that bank, instead of simply going away and pretending that it never happened?

I wonder what Balzan’s staff, anti-capitalists almost down to a man, think of that.

Not only is he completely immoral, siding with sleazes who have millions from suspect sources and who launder money for the Aliyevs of Azerbaijan, and taking instructions from the Prime Minister’s corrupt chief of staff at 1am, but he’s a rotten journalist with no nose for a story.

If he had one, he’d see that Pilatus Bank is a story about to explode, and out from which will pop a whole bellyful of other stories.

Balzan is magnetically attracted to the corrupt, and fascinatingly, defends them as righteous. Now he’s moved from John Dalli to Keith Schembri.

“Move up a little. Saviour Balzan wants to get in.”