Pilatus Bank: That safe in the kitchen

Published: April 28, 2017 at 9:33pm

I have just received the following message.

Many don’t understand why Pilatus Bank would have a safe in the kitchenette. Data Protection laws preclude the installation of CCTV systems in kitchen and canteen facilities, and any other areas where employees take their break. Having a safe in a kitchenette would allow access to the safe without CCTV records.

My response was just one word.


Incidentally, some of you have expressed surprise that the whistle-blower is a woman, having taken it for granted that it must be a man (that’s Malta for you). But that wasn’t very observant: the level of detail in the narrative should have made it obvious that it was a woman.

No man, for example, would have thought it relevant to mention to me that the document safe was in the kitchen. And no male journalist would have thought it worth reporting. But it’s the one detail that has captured everyone’s imagination.