A general election – why now?

Published: April 26, 2017 at 10:53pm

Instead of talking about the general election itself, we need to talk about why Muscat is intent on calling it now.

Whatever the reason is, it’s bound to be the basis of a massive news story, and that is what we have got to focus on. My antennae tell me that whatever it is, it’s so bad that we’ve got to discover it before the general election – and not afterwards, which is what Muscat wants.

We need to get cracking on finding out what else, and how big, Muscat and his henchmen are hiding from us. Here’s my number, for those who still haven’t got it: 99493545. Use only WhatsApp, which is encrypted end to end. Nobody else has access to my password-protected phone, and I clear all conversations routinely.