Konrad Mizzi’s Easter weekend

Published: April 18, 2017 at 10:51am

Two and a half years ago, Konrad Mizzi used the government’s Department of Information to issue a press release telling the country that he has “a strong marriage” – even though his wife and children had returned permanently to her native China and the Department of Information is meant for the communication of official government business.

But the Minister Within the Office of the Prime Minister spent Easter weekend in Taormina, where he was spotted in the company of a man who is not Maltese, while his wife and children spent it in Shanghai.

While in Taormina, he again used the government’s Department of Information to communicate fiction about his life choices to the press and the public, this time saying that the company he tried to hide from the state authorities and the electorate, Hearnville Inc, did not receive money from Azerbaijan.

More about this later this week, as more information is still coming in.

Joseph Muscat and his government henchmen tour Baku in December 2014.