The Economy Minister drank so much whisky in Siggiewi on Sunday night that he forgot about Brian Tonna on Monday morning

Published: April 18, 2017 at 10:41am

The Economy Minister, who looks increasingly raddled for somebody still in his 40s, faced the press yesterday and got the inevitable questions about Azerbaijan and Egrant Inc. He answered as he usually does these days, like Major Tom communicating with Planet Earth while battling the internal misery that renders him detached from and indifferent to the business in hand.

He had spent the previous evening/night (Easter Sunday, that is), drinking in a village bar next to the Siggiewi church, not accompanied by his official government chauffeur as he usually is. Other men present were taken aback by the large amount of whisky he consumed.

By the next day, he had forgotten already that Brian Tonna had claimed two months ago that Egrant Inc is a shelf company owned by Nexia BT, and how excited the Prime Minister had been about this engineered escape-hatch.