BREAKING/Confirmation that election date was decided in March: was registered on 7 April

Published: May 17, 2017 at 1:12am

For the last month I have tried in vain to break through the concrete wall of popular conviction – including the conviction of the European press – that Joseph Muscat called the general election in response to the Egrant Inc story which this website broke on 20 April.

He did not. And I knew he did not because in early April plans for the general election were already so far advanced that word was leaking out to me from producers of campaign collateral and others who had been commissioned to work on materials necessary for the election itself.

At least one month before the Egrant Inc story broke, which means somewhere around the middle of March, Muscat had planned already to call the general election for between 27 May and 17 June. Not only did he decide on the general election in March, but the Labour Party already had its campaign slogan by the first week of April. This is, in fact, how I confirmed beyond doubt that the election date was decided in March and that the brainstorming for a campaign slogan was done and dusted by the beginning of April: was registered on 7 April.

The website is not used as a separate domain, but takes you straight to, which is the Labour Party’s campaign website.

This fits with the fact that lawyers working for Henley & Partners wrote to me on 20 March to take down “offensive” posts and comments about Henley and the sale of Maltese citizenship, and a few days later when I asked Christian Kalin, Henley’s CEO, why they are doing this now after three years of silence, he responded that there is going to be a general election. I understood the significance of his response only in retrospect, thinking at the time that he was talking about several months ahead.

But he wasn’t. Henley & Partners’ Christian Kalin had been briefed by the Prime Minister about the general election date when he took his decision in March.

The bottom line is this: you can’t argue with the date of a domain registration for a campaign slogan. It’s incontrovertible: was registered on 7 April.

And this brings me right back to the question I have been asking all along, with no sign of an answer in sight: What drove Muscat to call a general election after just four years in power? We need to know the answer, because whatever it is, it’s crucial.

Whatever it is, it’s bad enough to have driven Muscat to take drastic action just two months into Malta’s much-vaunted presidency of the EU Council. They opened with massive fanfare and celebrations in January, something cracked in February, and in March he decided to call a general election.

It is now more imperative than ever that we find out what cracked in February – or rather, what news Muscat got in February that told him something would crack hugely in June or July.

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  1. A. Cremona says:

    Joseph Muscat, with so many skeletons in your closet, how do you sleep at night?

  2. Major Tom says:

    If I recall well, around February and early March, journalists started asking questions about 17Black.

  3. No, it just means that I’m doing something else.

  4. Cikku Borg says:

    I would have done the same because with time he stands to lose more votes. So better lose one year now than five years later.

  5. No, I don’t know. That’s why I’m asking. I’m not into the Maltese rhetorical style.

  6. callixtus says:

    Joseph Muscat is now claiming that the news about Egrant Inc’s ultimate beneficial owner was coordinated within the Nationalist Party – just as the Panama scandal was the fabrication of a disgruntled businessman who lost a tender. LIAR.

  7. Bhalma ghamel Alfred Sant?

  8. Andrea says:

    We need a mirror billboard of the Busutill/Farrugia one were little Joseph Muscat asks Keith Schembri “Il-Kontijiet ok?”

    What utter cunts!

  9. The election date has NOTHING to do with Egrant Inc. It was decided way before that.

  10. You don’t know anything about electoral campaigns if you think they can be prepared 12 months in advance, slogan and all.

    Electoral campaigns are planned and executed in the moment. There is no way on earth you can foresee even five months ahead what will be required a month before a general election.

    I think I might know a little bit more about this than you do, sorry. This is my seventh electoral campaign as a political columnist.

  11. No, it’s in disarray because it’s been revealed for what it is.

  12. Yes, by two weeks. And you don’t register a campaign slogan website the day you decide on a general election. First you decide on a general election, then you decide on a slogan, and that takes days to weeks.

  13. thealley says:

    I confirm the Deutsche Bank claim.

  14. Gez says:

    I do not think it has anything to do with his cabinet, or a revolt within his party because of internal upheaval. The information would have emerged by now.

    My guess is that foreign interests moved Muscat’s hand.

  15. How naïve. Why would he be empowered to get rid of Schembri and Mizzi if he can’t rid himself of them now? He doesn’t WANT to get rid of them, and more pertinently, the factors which prevent him getting rid of them now (were he to want to) would still apply post-election: they have information on him and CAN TURN STATE’S EVIDENCE AGAINST HIM TO SAVE THEMSELVES.

    • Zammit says:

      Talking about conspiracy theories – what happened to Kev ta’ Sharon?

    • NoThanks says:

      I happen to think it’s a bit more than just that. He could have got “rid” of them in the public eye, then sorted something out privately to keep them happy. So there must be a reason why this didn’t happen.

      They must have a unique role in this mess, which they and only they can fulfill. Or else the whole thing goes down.

  16. pwg says:

    Why are you at all surprised? The Panama Papers was the prologue to all this shit. Remember that Schembri and Mizzi owned companies registered in Panama and pledged to deposit millions in related secret accounts.

  17. Odyssey says:

    Come on – He has a 9-seat majority (now 7-seat majority).

  18. Katrin says:

    Then it is related to the Cum-Ex scandal unfolding in Germany. Commerzbank has already been fined 75 million euros, and Deutsche Bank is next in line for a hefty fine.

    Let me guess – HypoVereinsbank, Portigon, HSH Nordbank, LBBW and a few other banks issued similar instructions. They are all involved in a huge tax fraud, with Malta as one of its bases.

  19. says:

    Is it possible Pilatus Bank got a whiff that somebody had copies Egrant ownership documents in March and advised Keith Schembri accordingly? The whistle blower’s job was in fact terminated in March.

  20. Joe Aquilina says:

    “It is now more imperative than ever that we find out what cracked in February – or rather, what news Muscat got in February that told him something would crack hugely in June or July.”

    Maybe Muscat was aware that they started working on the #Maltafiles in February and that they would be complete in around 13 weeks.

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