Fake website www.simonbusuttil.com registered by designer of Marigold Foundation website

Published: May 16, 2017 at 11:59pm

A website masquerading as an official site for the Nationalist Party leader, www.simonbusuttil.com, has been taken down after legal action today.

The person who/company which registered the domain is hidden behind a proxy, but a little bit of research reveals who it is anyway: Webee Ltd, a web company set up in August 2013, whose directors and shareholders are Roderick Bartolo and Etienne Borg. Its address is 82/1 Melita Street, Valletta.

Bartolo and Borg used a proxy to register the domain, but carelessly disregarded the fact that there is a publicly available list of another 16 domains under the same IP address, some of which were not registered through a proxy. Ten of these point to Roderick Bartolo of Webee Ltd, four to third parties, and two – one of which is simonbusuttil.com are hidden behind proxies.

The interesting thing is that Webee Ltd, which registered www.simonbusuttil.com with malicious intent, also designed the web portal for Michelle Muscat’s Marigold Foundation.

Roderick Bartolo (1st from right) with Anthony David Gatt of the Labour Party (4th from left)

Roderick Bartolo of Webee Ltd, who registered the cybersquatter site www.simonbusuttil.com with malicious intent as a fake site masquerading as an official one.