Illum editor summoned before inquiring magistrate to explain himself about today’s story

Published: May 18, 2017 at 4:30pm

The newspaper Illum, which is 50% owned by Keith Schembri’s midnight caller Saviour Balzan and produced in the same stable as his other newspaper Malta Today, published a story today claiming that the magisterial inquiry into Egrant Inc/Pilatus Bank/Nexia BT is closed and that for reasons unknown the report has not been submitted to the Attorney General.

Illum’s editor Albert Gauci Cunningham, who also wrote the story – he featured heavily in Joseph Muscat’s 2013 electoral campaign, and lent his face, name and message to the Labour Party’s billboards – was summoned immediately before the inquiring magistrate to explain himself.

Gauci Cunningham is clearly doing his bit to help spread Muscat’s propaganda that the inquiry is closed, that it is in his favour, and that Simon Busuttil will have to resign. This rumour is being spread deliberately and it is spreading like wildfire.

Unfortunately, too many people can’t understand that this is a typical fascist tactic used to undermine morale among your opponents while raising morale among your supporters.

The fact of the matter is that the inquiring magistrate is still hearing witnesses and that only this morning he was at Pilatus Bank once more, accompanied by IT specialists from the police force.

In practical terms, it is beyond ridiculous to even suggest that a massive money-laundering inquiry of this nature can be opened and closed in four weeks. I think a lot of people need to screw their heads back on and stop clucking round the coop like headless chickens.

This is the kind of inquiry which, if carried out properly as it is supposed to be, takes months even with a full team of specialised anti-money-laundering investigators.