Judge who is former deputy Labour Party leader abusively barges entire Gozo ferry queue

Published: May 6, 2017 at 7:29am

The arrogance and cheek are unbelievable. Many people watched open-mouthed yesterday evening as Toni Abela drove himself onto the 7.30pm ferry to Gozo, in his state-funded car, after a side-gate was opened for him to skip the enormous queue.

There is no Civil or other court operating in Gozo at this time that requires his presence, and Abela does not sit in Gozo anyway.

A friend who was in the queue said: “Large queues in Cirkewwa of people going to Gozo for the weekend. So Judge Toni parks his car outside the queue, walks down the line and shakes hands with the ‘queue master’. Big smiles. They opened the gate at the bus terminus for him, and onto the ferry he drove, in solitary splendour.”

Toni Abela is the former Labour Party deputy leader who was caught in a secret recording describing how he had helped cover up cocaine-dealing at a Labour Party club.

The Prime Minister made him a judge in the Courts of Justice as a consolation prize after he failed to pass the test to become a member of the European Court of Auditors.

This picture shows Judge Toni’s car driving onto the Gozo boat alone after the gate was opened for him to skip the entire queue.