They wage an unholy war on this website. And then they advertise on it.

Published: May 6, 2017 at 12:10am

Once more, the Labour Party is spamming cyberspace with electioneering adverts which are paid by taxpayer funds – on the pretext that they are actually government adverts.

Advertisers can block their Google AdSense adverts from appearing on certain sites. But the Labour Party/government hasn’t bothered to do that with Running Commentary, and adverts featuring Michael Farrugia’s face and various government slogans are appearing constantly in the advertising space.

They hate this website, but they want to reach its audience. They’ve said that this election is about a war on me, and yet they want to use me to reach others.

Good luck with that, because I’ve blocked them myself. Most of them – despite being taxpayer-funded – came through

If you are still seeing adverts from Labour Party candidates, the Labour Party or the government, just click on them, copy the URL (that’s the link up top) and paste it into a comment here. That’s what I need to be able to block them.

If they want their advertising to appear here, they can start by respecting my freedom of expression, instead of slandering me all over town, insulting me, issuing fascist statements against me through the Department of Information, filing precautionary warrants on my bank account, and filing one vexatious libel suit after another in which false oaths are taken.