You know that Muscat is desperate when he puts Pullicino Orlando on the Labour Party ticket

Published: May 15, 2017 at 10:10am

How on earth does Joseph Muscat hope to improve the Labour Party’s performance on 3rd June by putting the highly unstable, dangerously vindictive, psychiatrically problematic and politically poisoned Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando on the Labour Party ticket?

Pullicino Orlando has no appeal to the party’s core vote and actually repels decent and sensible people. But he might still be elected and the consequences will be disastrous for Muscat, if he makes it to government, as Pullicino Orlando will do to him what he and Franco Debono did to Lawrence Gonzi in 2008.

He will want to be made a cabinet minister and will work to bring the house down with his spiteful and vengeful behaviour if his personal wants are not met.

And there will be the incredibly stupid Lara Boffa, with her overbearing sense of entitlement, to deal with too.

It is very telling of Pullicino Orlando’s nasty personality that he came forward as a Labour Party candidate when his ex-wife Marlene Farrugia’s companion, Godfrey Farrugia, announced that he will stand on the PD/PN ticket. He also picked the same constituency, so as to go head to head with him.

The difference between the two men could not be starker. And that difference is now symbolic of the difference between the two main contenders in this general election. Joseph Muscat goes into battle with the despicable Pullicino Orlando, who is regarded with contempt. Simon Busuttil goes into battle with the fundamentally decent Godfrey Farrugia, who is widely respected.

May decency win in this general election, because ultimately that is what it is all about.

Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando and Lara Boffa at the Labour Party’s mass meeting yesterday.