11th-hour corrupt appointment for newspaper columnist who works on propaganda documents for Keith Schembri and Glenn Bedingfield

Published: May 15, 2017 at 10:28am

The Prime Minister has kept going with his corrupt appointments right up until the 11th hour, with the pressure increasing to fit in as many as possible before 3rd June just in case he is voted out and can’t do them afterwards.

The latest is an appointment for The Sunday Times columnist Michela Spiteri, who works on government propaganda documents directly for Keith Schembri, the Prime Minister’s corrupt chief of staff, and his sidekick in the Office of the Prime Minister, Glenn Bedingfield.

Ms Spiteri has been made – at the direct request of the Prime Minister – an adjudicator on the Small Claims Tribunal, for a period of five years, and her appointment, published in the current edition of the Government Gazette, has been backdated to March.

Michela Spiteri was at lunch with Economy Minister Christian Cardona and some other people a week ago last Sunday, at a restaurant in Salina, just before Cardona addressed the Labour Party’s mass meeting that afternoon.

This is an emergency iced bun for somebody who writes ‘independent’ newspaper columns that serve the Labour Party’s interests, and who proof-reads propaganda documents for Keith Schembri, who is the subject of at least three reports by the Financial Intelligence Analysis Unit to the police.