New army promotions published in today’s Government Gazette, on the very last day of this dying government

Published: June 2, 2017 at 2:58pm

The Government Gazette published today – the very last day of this particular government – carries yet another long list of army promotions.

This is shocking abuse. The email sent to me yesterday by a distressed army officer refers. He said that yesterday, the penultimate day of this particular Muscat government (another one may yet be inflicted on us tomorrow), the corridor outside the offices of the Armed Forces of Malta’s Commanding Officer and Second In Command were “jam-packed” with soldiers “of all ranks”, queuing for their Father-Christmas pre-electoral promotion.

They are shameless, and they have destroyed the Maltese army in the process.

The prime minister with his personal friend Jeffrey Curmi, the ‘just add water and microwave’ instant brigadier, who received three promotions in as many weeks to make the topmost rank of Commander of the Armed Forces of Malta, forcibly displacing the former incumbent, Martin Xuereb, shortly after Muscat came to power.