BREAKING/Facebook deletes former union boss Tony Zarb’s account for “promoting graphic violence” and “harassment”

Published: June 21, 2017 at 8:36pm

Former General Workers Union boss Tony Zarb’s Facebook account is no more. His Timeline, where right up until today he had been uploading jingoistic memes and messages about defending Malta against foreigners, calling Nationalist MEPs traitors and encouraging people to post aggressive and violent comments demanding that critics of government corruption be stoned in public or pelted with eggs and tomatoes, apparently drew a fair number of reports to Facebook.

Readers of this website have sent in screenshots of messages they have just received from Facebook, telling them that Mr Zarb’s account has been deleted for “promoting graphic violence”.

Another reader, who reported one image on grounds of harassment, was told that the entire account has been deleted, and not just the picture.

Tony Zarb’s inactive old Facebook account from several years ago, with just 20 ‘friends’, is still up.