Court-appointed expert on Egrant Inc inquiry hands in resignation at Malta Information Technology Agency

Published: June 17, 2017 at 7:41pm

Godwin Caruana, who was summarily removed from the position of chief technology officer (CTO) at the Malta Information Technology Agency two weeks ago, and demoted, has now handed in his resignation from the state agency, which handles all government internet communications and information technology.

On Tuesday, 6th June – the new government’s second day in business – staff at the MITA received an email from the executive chairman, Tony Sultana , who is active in the Labour Party (he represented the Labour Party on the Electoral Commission and was a director of its media operations), informing them that Dr Caruana was no longer chief technology officer and that he would be reassigned to another role in the agency.

Sources at the agency informed this website that the matter had not been discussed with Dr Caruana and that he was simply informed of his removal and demotion “two minutes before the rest of us received the email”.

This website rang Dr Caruana for comment on his resignation, but he declined to speak. Dr Caruana is the court expert appointed by Magistrate Aaron Bugeja to assist him in information technology matters on the inquiry into the ownership of Egrant Inc, the third Panama company set up in tandem with the two owned by the Prime Minister’s chief of staff, Keith Schembri, and his key cabinet minister, Konrad Mizzi.

When we rang Dr Caruana two weeks ago for comment after receiving the news of his removal from the post of CTO at the Malta Information Technology Agency, he said that this would not affect his work on the magisterial inquiry, pointing out that the magistrate had appointed him in his personal professional capacity and not as CTO of the state information technology agency.

Godwin Caruana is seen here entering the premises of Pilatus Bank with inquiring magistrate Aaron Bugeja at the start of the Egrant Inc inquiry.