Deputy registrar to inquiring magistrate dismissed after Facebook posts

Published: June 18, 2017 at 10:52am

This website reported yesterday that Doris Serpina, the deputy registrar to the inquiring magistrate in the Egrant Inc inquiry, had uploaded Facebook posts in which she celebrated Joseph Muscat’s victory in the general election. Muscat is a subject of the inquiry.

We also reported that after the screenshots began to circulate among lawyers and people who work at the Courts of Justice, they were brought to the attention of the inquiring magistrate, Aaron Bugeja, who “was very upset about it”, and that it had not been possible yet to find out what action was taken.

We have since been informed that the inquiring magistrate dismissed Ms Serpina immediately from the position of his deputy registrar and had her replaced by another member of the staff at the Courts of Justice, where Ms Serpina remains as an employee.