UPDATED/Keith Schembri is at Muscat’s side for swearing-in while banks queue in court with his transaction details

Published: June 6, 2017 at 11:55am

The magistrate conducting the inquiry into payments which the Prime Minister’s then chief of staff, Keith Schembri, made to Adrian Hillman, who was managing director of Progress Press, The Sunday Times and the Times of Malta at the time, has requested all banks licensed in Malta to provide transaction details for both men.

This morning saw representatives of Pilatus Bank, HSBC, Bank of Valletta, Sparkasse, APS, Lombard, Credorax and around 10 other banks queue up and walk into Magistrate Josette Demicoli’s courtroom. The representatives of Bank of Valletta and HSBC were pulling suitcases on wheels. Others did not seem to have anything to present, but the Pilatus Bank representative – Claud-Ann Sant Fournier – spent around 20 minutes inside the courtroom. All the banks were required to present themselves against the summons, even if they did not have documents or information to bring.

A photo of the rogatory letter which Magistrate Demicoli sent to the banks is below. The companies which are listed are owned by Keith Schembri and Adrian Hillman (separately).

Keith Schembri, first from left

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  1. lest we forget says:

    Nispera li kollox ma jmutx fuq ruh ommhu.

    • J. Portelli says:

      Mux ovja li whitewash bhal kollox

    • may borg says:

      Ma jistghax ikun li kullhadd ikompli jfarfar. Jekk m’ghandhomx integrita u kurragg il-magistrati min irid ikollu? Hemm bzonn li nesigu li kullhadd irid jaghmel dmiru. Inkella veru diga’ gejna pajjiz kommunist. U bilhaqq x’sar minnu Mario Vella?

      Lin-nies komuni nista’ b’xi mod nahfrilhom li vvotaw Labour f’nofs din il-korruzzjoni kollha imma lil dawk li suppost jafu ahjar, le.

      Louis Grech, George Vella u hafna ohrajn bhalhom jafu x’jigifieri twaqqaf kumpannija l-Panama tlett ijiem wara l-elezzjoni u l-konsegwenzi taghha fuq politiku. Xorta baqghu jappoggjaw amministrazzjoni korrotta, mela komplici. Xi darba iridu jhallsu kont. Il-politici Laburisti qatt ma iggwidawhom fit-tajjeb lil nies taghhom anzi hallewhom ‘isfel’ biex jaghmlu li jrdiu bihom.

    • S. Schembri says:

      Hekk qieghed ninkwieta jien! Issa l-magistrat jghidlek ha nkun jien l-hero?

    • Vince Abela says:

      That’s exactly what the outcome will be.

    • The Sting says:

      I’d say don’t hold your breath. Like whatever happened to that murder in which someone from Gaffarena’s family was involved and then they set up a company with the officer investigating the case?

      Whatever happened to the ‘oil scandal’ which died a natural death upon Labour’s taking up power in 2013 after a whole crusade against Austin GATT?

      And this is just the tip of the iceberg. I cannot believe we are living in a country which has come down to this level, all for the love of the God Economy. We’ve lost our soul for the mirage of money, because unless you’re creaming off funds from somewhere, the rest of the population, who voted these louts in en masse again, do not seem to be flooded with cash.

      We’re going to need to love Malta a lot, to see us through these very difficult times.

  2. J. Portelli says:

    There are only so many things you can get away with. Let’s hope the inquiring magistrates don’t bow to pressure.

    • Blackarrow says:

      Just like members of parliament, judges and magistrates take the oath of office and kiss the cross. Whilst it is now quite obvious that certain MPs couldn’t give a damn (literally) about this oath, let us hope that at least the majority of our judiciary uphold the principle of justice for all without fear or favour and irrespective of their own personal political leanings.

  3. Tony says:

    Looks like a very relevant question to me. Daphne, could you kindly give us some information about it?

  4. Edward says:

    I still am a bit confused. In the UK the expenses scandal was exactly that, a scandal.

    People were told to repay what they shouldn’t have claimed as expenses. I believe one MP repaid just one pound, an act showing his integrity where every penny that belongs to the people matters.

    But here in Malta? Nothing, and then a glorious victory. I think the truth is that no one knows how this will pan out.

    It may not be Malta’s reputation that is at stake, just the Labour government’s-at least on the international stage. Still, I just don’t know exactly what to make of it. Every time I think I know, I find myself doubting.

  5. Gaetano Pace says:

    It looks like we are in for a Tangentopoli inquiry a la Di Pietro style. Definitely the magistrates are going to need desperate help. Hope they all come out of this mess with flying colours a la Di Pietro style.

  6. Vince Abela says:

    Why isn’t Tillgate even mentioned in the list?

  7. Spiderman says:

    The magistrate will eventually finish the enquiry and will then pass everything to the Attorney General (magistrates do not have enforcement power) who will let it gather dust in his office.

  8. siaisjack says:

    I don’t have faith in the Maltese people any more

  9. Claude Sciberras says:

    Is Keith Schembri involved in Smart City too? That might explain the ITS move.

  10. Thomas Rubicon says:

    It’s chilling to realise that we are all alone in this battle against corruption. The state authorities will not left a finger.

  11. BugM says:

    Incidentally, Magistrate Natasha Galea Sciberras just sent out a similar summons in relation to the Keith Schembri/Brian Tonna inquiry.

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