Manuel Mallia, Franco Mercieca, Deborah Schembri and Luciano Busuttil knocked out of parliament

Published: June 6, 2017 at 3:00pm

Former cabinet members Manuel Mallia, who made the news spectacularly when his chauffeur became involved in a public shoot-out, Franco Mercieca and Deborah Schembri, who Muscat promoted and pushed forward, have lost their seats in parliament.

Luciano Busuttil, who has spent the last four years collecting government sinecures, including the chairmanship of the Malta Sports Council, and whose wife uses a disabled parking badge despite always wearing five-inch heels, has lost his seat too.

There is more good news for sanity. Labour Party candidate Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando failed to be elected, as did Rosianne ‘Nuxellina’ Cutajar, who was transferred from the private sector to a position of trust in the Office of the Prime Minister after 2013, and Glenn Bedingfield, an aide to the Prime Minister.

The interestingly similar Stefan Buontempo and Etienne Grech (lots of people confuse them) lost their seats in parliament, their popularity having apparently collapsed among Labour supporters.

Chris Cardona was elected on his home district, but only on the last count. On the other district he contested, he was forced out by Edward Zammit Lewis, who is still struggling to be elected at this point.

He’s lost his seat – will Muscat continue paying him public money as charman of the Malta Sports Council?

Glenn Bedingfield and Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando were not elected

Rosianne Cutajar, an aide in the Prime Minister’s Office – not elected