This is Malta, a European Union member state in 2017

Published: June 6, 2017 at 3:28pm

After what can only have been a long and complicated investigation, the Financial Intelligence Analysis Unit submits detailed reports to the Police Commissioner about the money-laundering activities between several offshore companies and bank accounts owned by Keith Schembri.

One Police Commissioner resigns in panic and his successor sits on them and does nothing. The Attorney-General, who is chairman of the Financial Intelligence Analysis Unit, plays dead and says that he has nothing to do with anything.

Yesterday dawns, Muscat is sworn in as prime minister again, and the Attorney General and Keith Schembri are standing together at his side as he kisses the cross and takes his solemn oath.

One day later (this morning), the representatives of all banks licensed in Malta line up before the inquiring magistrate in the Adrian Hillman/Keith Schembri money-laundering inquiry – and submit any documentation they have on transactions involving the two men and their various companies.

When the inquiry report into Keith Schembri’s money-laundering activities with Adrian Hillman, using their offshore companies, is concluded, it will be submitted to the very same Attorney General for action or cover-up.

This is scandalous Malta, a European Union member state, in 2017. And nobody should expect sane, decent and normal-minded people to be “positive” about it.

Keith Schembri, first from left; the Attorney General is third from left