Malta sinks one place in the World Press Freedom Index

Published: June 27, 2017 at 5:06pm

This is the link to Reporters Without Borders.

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  1. Galeforce says:

    To be expected. Thank you, Keith. Thank you, Joseph.

  2. The number of civil libel suits against journalists, and prosecutions of journalists for criminal defamation, is the main reason for Malta’s poor ranking in the press freedom index.

  3. No, the problem is libel suits. In Malta they are so cheap that they are the norm. It is considered normal for politicians to sue journalists. Elsewhere, this is an extreme step which politicians avoid.

    • NoThanks says:

      The problem is the electorate who doesn’t see such behaviour as shocking. The vote is our currency and how we spend it influences the supply of politicians on the electoral market.

  4. Tabatha_White says:

    It’s only Moody’s that took note: It can be relied upon to do so, in the industry.

  5. pete ross says:

    Brazilian justice works much better than Maltese justice.

  6. NoThanks says:

    I wish people would read a bit more about liberalism before using the word.

    Liberalism has directly very little to do with the things you mentioned, and everything to do with freedom of speech and respect for the individual.

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