This means all the Prime Minister’s communications are being kept out of the public record

Published: June 25, 2017 at 7:02pm

This is beyond disgraceful. How are public inquiries meant to proceed, in the event that they are required, if the email evidence is not on the servers at the Malta Informational Technology Agency (MITA) via the prime minister’s official address, but instead on a server in another country?

Even the police can’t obtain email evidence in those circumstances when investigating serious crimes, let alone inquiring magistrates, the Auditor General, the Financial Intelligence Analysis Unit or similar.

It’s best for our sanity if we tell ourselves that people don’t understand what this means and why it is being done. To fully comprehend that they understand and don’t care – or better, that they understand and are glad that their correspondence with the head of government, which they shouldn’t be having in the first place, is not in the public record – is enough to make you switch off completely. Which is, of course, exactly what the Muscat cabal wants.

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  1. Mark Vassallo says:

    [email protected] is hosted by Gmail. Does Joseph know who has access to his emails? I wouldn’t sleep at night if I had anything incriminating on Gmail.

  2. Cikku Borg says:

    In actual fact it is an open secret that secret correspondence, between government MPs, telephonic or otherwise, is preferably done via WhatsApp.

  3. I don’t think Muscat is interested in making himself executive president of Malta. He has bigger European Council fish to fry.

    • Żaren says:

      Definitely an ambitious person like him won’t leave politics in 4 years’ time. Meanwhile if the corrupt practices we heard about are true, then certainly we are living a fake democracy. Certainly he’s got money flowing in. U bil-flus tagħmel triq fil-baħar.

    • callixtus says:

      Not as long as Angela Merkel has a say.

  4. Why do you ‘assume’ it’s not on the government server? You are capable of assembling the facts to take it as read that it is not. The MITA server hosts only government addresses.

  5. They operate on the same principle as parents do who wish to wean their babies off their security blankets: you cut off a little piece at a time until the security blanket is no more and the baby hasn’t noticed.

  6. Yes, just look at our own John Dalli and Karmenu Vella, for instance.

  7. “The greatest leader the Labour Party ever had” – not much competition there.

  8. The only thing I laughed at in the 1960s, Victor, was Noddy and Big Ears (not Owen and Janice, but the real thing).

  9. Unfortunately, you live in a society where you have to explain who Hannibal was, what his advance on Rome was, what delaying tactics are, and what the verb ‘overcome’ means. And if I were you, I wouldn’t bother.

    Il-Maltin f’xi par Valentino Rock Studs jifhmu.

  10. Tabatha_White says:

    Genius and intelligence come with limitations. Ignorance doesn’t.

  11. Mike Agius says:

    A political disaster for Fabius Maximus though, as it will hopefully be for Josephus Muscatus.

  12. Sandro G. says:

    We never actually evolved past the Bronze Age, given the level of political tribalism still present

  13. Steve Le Baron says:

    The host domain might be resident on a local server. You need to check Whois for server provision and domain

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