‘Star candidate’ joins in Facebook assault on European Parliament committee chairman

Published: June 17, 2017 at 10:02am

Jean Claude Micallef, who had sought selection as a Nationalist Party candidate in the European Parliament elections of three years ago, but was turned down as unsuitable (he later hosted a show on the Nationalist Party’s television station), has joined in the general assault by supporters of the Prime Minister on Werner Langen, chairman of the European Parliament’s anti-money-laundering (PANA) committee.

Last Tuesday in the European Parliament in Strasbourg, Dr Langen spoke during a ‘rule of law’ debate about Malta. Addressing Joseph Muscat directly while Dr Muscat was seen laughing dismissively, Dr Langen said angrily, “(Your behaviour) is in total disdain to the European Parliament, and I have never seen anything like it. You can laugh all you like, Prime Minister, but we will insist that you don’t get off scot free. If you keep doing nothing (about Keith Schembri and Konrad Mizzi), then we will keep on following you and keep on questioning you, including about whether you have bought votes in Malta.”

Dr Langen was also heard off-mike calling Dr Muscat a liar in response to something he said as he began speaking.

Jean Claude Micallef stood for election on the Labour Party ticket on 3rd June, but failed to make it. He is now awaiting the outcome of the casual elections on Tuesday, which will assign the seats in parliament vacated by those MPs who were elected twice over.

In his Facebook post, Mr Micallef – whose father Manuel worked extensively for the Labour Party’s television station and for the General Workers Union – wrote:

Werner Langen: A total disgrace for the EU group he represents. An extrimist who looks down on small member states believing he can set the agenda on double standards.

Trying to tarnish a successful Prime-Minister and a nation out of partisan spite can only lead to a reminder of Joseph Muscat’s grandeur as a statesman.

Werner Langen is a disgrace to both German and EU standards. His appointment on the Pana Committee should be revoked to restore credibility amongst fellow member states.