78 Dean Street: the Georgian listed house which Adrian Delia’s clients bought after they sold the prostitution-racket flats in Shepherd Market and Stanhope Row

Published: August 28, 2017 at 8:19pm

This is No. 78 Dean Street, which people who are familiar with Soho will recognise instantly. It was bought for around €3 million some seven years ago after Adrian Delia’s clients, Eucharist and Mary Bajada, sold the flats they owned in Shepherd Market and Stanhope Row, from which they bought out Soho gangster Emanuel Bartolo, known as Leli Landlord, which were used as part of a prostitution racket.

People who want ‘proof’ and ‘evidence’ can simply Google ‘Mary Bajada Gemcrest Corp 78 Dean Street’ and then they can link hands with Dr Deliar and, at this point in a long day, go to hell along with Dr Deliar’s social media mobsters.

When the Bajadas acquired this house, they first set about dividing it into small rooms or cubicles – though how they ever imagined they could run a prostitution racket out of a listed Georgian building in that part of Dean Street is anybody’s guess. Maybe they hoped to rent out tiny rooms to legit tenants? In any case, the London heritage authorities zoomed in on them, fined them and made them take the building back to its original layout.

So they then went the other way, restored it beautifully, and now rent out the four flats on booking.com and other similar sites, to people on holiday.

Meanwhile, just a couple of corners away on Greek Street c/w Bateman Street, in their property there, women are working in airless rooms having sex with complete strangers for 12 hours a day on three-day shifts.

Some of my readers will have eaten at The Red Fort, an Indian restaurant. No. 78 is right next door.