BREAKING/Egrant Inc declarations of trust handed in to inquiring magistrate by Adrian Delia collaborator

Published: August 28, 2017 at 8:46pm

I reported earlier today that the two declarations of trust re Egrant Inc were handed over to the inquiring magistrate several weeks ago. Straight away, the members of Adrian Delia’s mob were out on social media, asking whether others believe me. What they don’t know – but I do, and I am reporting this with his permission – is that scans of the declarations of trust for Egrant Inc – the documents which had been found in the safe at Pilatus Bank by an employee at the centre of the storm – were handed in to the inquiring magistrate, Aaron Bugeja, some weeks ago by Pierre Portelli, who is one of Dr Delia’s key collaborators in this leadership election.

This only serves to put Dr Delia’s deceitful statements about how he doesn’t believe the Egrant Inc reports because “no documents were published and he hasn’t seen them” in their proper perspective. Mr Portelli assures me that he didn’t show them to Dr Delia, but one would hope that Dr Delia would believe one of his top collaborators when he tells him that yes, those documents do exist because he not only saw them but actually handed them in to the inquiring magistrate.

That is exactly how Mr Portelli came to hand them in. He said on television that he had seen them and the following morning got a call from the inquiring magistrate, who summoned him.

People who are asking whether I should be believed should simply grow up, learn how to assess facts and information – even if it requires burying the axe these individuals love to grind against me, eternally – and work out that whether they like me or not is irrelevant to the facts of the matter about Adrian Delia.

It would be far more honest of them to say, “Yes, I can see the nature of Adrian Delia’s involvement here, and perhaps it would be better to avoid that kind of shadiness in a leader, but I like him anyway and I don’t give a damn because I am still going to root for him.”

Laburisti in the last general election were far more honest, in saying “I know they are corrupt and on the take, but I don’t care as long as I have money in my pocket.”

Egrant Inc and 52 Greek Street: Malta is now such a beautiful place to live.