Delia has just said on television that he hasn’t seen the original of this document so he doesn’t know whether it’s real

Published: August 24, 2017 at 11:17pm

Delia has even said that today he rang Barclays International to ask whether this number below pertains to a bank account in his name, that he recorded the conversation, and that he was told there is no bank account of that number in his name.

This is more duplicitous, circular argumentation: he had closed the account a while back and rang the bank today for show. He must think that everyone is as slow-witted as the people he habitually deals with and hoodwinks. And that is quite apart from the fact that no bank gives out information like that over the telephone even to its clients, let alone to people with whom it is supposed to have no banking relationship.

This is a fax to Delia’s office, Aequitas Legal, addressed to him and marked clearly as pressing. And he’s claiming he hasn’t seen the original. I’d just been watching him talking earlier, when I heard that, and thinking how he puts me in mind of Konrad Mizzi in more ways than one.