These are the Soho flats in the prostitution racket from which Adrian Delia received ‘rent’ for Maltese landlords into his offshore bank account in Jersey

Published: August 24, 2017 at 11:37pm

No. 52, Greek Street, corner with No. 1 Bateman Street: anybody who is familiar with the streets of Soho will recognise it immediately.

There are three flats in all at 52 Greek and at 1 Bateman, with one girl working in each flat on two- or three-day rosters. Only one girl in each flat at any given time – because more than one and that constitutes a brothel under British law, and therefore illegal.

Back in the period when Adrian Delia was processing this money through his Jersey offshore account for the Maltese landlords who own those walk-ups, the girls were each made to pay £500 a day in ‘rent’. Each girl works with a ‘maid’ – the term under the Soho prostitution system for the woman who holds the door while the girl is working.

Every day, the maids collected the bulk of the girls’ cash takings, took a cut for themselves, and handed over the rest – thousands of pounds every week – to a representative of the Maltese landlords who called by for it in person every Friday. This representative would then deposit the cash in Adrian Delia’s account with Barclays International in Jersey, dividing up the cash and using different branches of Barclays bank.

You know what happened thereafter from this post earlier today.

The roster schedule uploaded below the photographs is a current screen-shot from a UK punting website to which I may not upload a link as it isn’t suitable for general readership or under-age readers of this website. Punting here does not refer to punting on the river in Oxford, but to visiting prostitutes habitually, their clients being known as ‘punters’.

Tomorrow I will report on who the registered owner is of No. 52 Greek Street, though he is not the real owner, just a front, as he has not got a dime to his name and works as a chauffeur to a current Maltese cabinet minister.