Deliar strikes again: this time, building insurance

Published: August 28, 2017 at 7:47pm

This is something Dr Deliar can’t teach me about. My maternal grandfather and his brothers set up the insurance agency Galdes & Mamo, which later amalgamated with another company to become Gasan Mamo Insurance, and they insured half of Malta for most of their adult working lives.

The insurance policy is proof of nothing except that the owner of the building is breaching his policy and, should there be a fire or collapse or any other damage, the building is technically uninsured and not covered because of that breach.

Not only is the building not covered by an insurance policy that has been breached by the policy-holder, but so are the prostitutes working inside it because they have no insurance cover.

Insurance policy or not, the fact remains that yes, 52 Greek Street and 1 Bateman Street are undeniably used for prostitution, visibly so, and are advertised by those who visit prostitutes there. If the photographs I uploaded are not enough for Dr Deliar, he can go there and look for himself. But obviously, he has.

But Dr Deliar says it can’t possibly be used for prostitution because his client has an insurance policy. This picture was taken on 18th August.